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Dynamic Under Keel Clearance
OMC International is recognised as the world authority in the accurate modelling and prediction of vessel under keel clearance (UKC), having developed the Dynamic Under Keel Clearance (DUKC®) system. The DUKC® was “ first installed at the Hay Point coal port in 1993. Since its “ first installation it has provided extraordinary improvements in efficiency and safety whilst reducing costs. These benefits have been realised at ports throughout Australia, New Zealand, and Europe. These include some of the largest bulk, container and multi-cargo ports in the world, including the Pilbara iron ore ports.

Traditionally, ports use static UKC rules to determine whether vessel passages through their waterways are safe. Static rules are necessarily conservative to cover every possible combination of vessel characteristic and environmental condition, having little regard to the particular conditions of each transit. In addition, these static rules are often outdated as they do not consider changes in port operations and the visiting fleet characteristics that may have occurred since their inception.