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OMC International remains a world leader in the maritime industry because of its commitment to ongoing Research and Development (R&D).

The continued development of DUKC® products such as the DUKC® PPU and the DUKC® VTS has been partly made possible through the strong backing of the Australian Federal Government. In open competition, across all industry sectors, OMC has obtained three R&D grants.

The first grant was awarded in 1997 to develop a Berth Warning System (BWS) and upgrade DUKC system to Series II, the second in 2003 for the
development of a DUKC PPU and the third grant in 2006 was for a Ground Warning System (GWS) later renamed DUKC VTS. This most recent three-year grant was supported by AMSA (Australian Maritime Safety Authority) and Maritime Safety Queensland.

The DUKC® VTS has been successfully commercialised and is in operation at Port Hedland, in the challenging entrance channels to the Port of Melbourne and internationally in Bremerhaven and Bremen for the outer and lower Weser River in Germany.

OMC has in-house all the skills, capacity and experience to develop, customise and support its technology to OMC’s accredited standards without reliance on third party consultants.

OMC Founder and Executive Director Dr Terry O’Brien and his maritime engineer son Peter, who is OMC’s Managing Director, lead a team of more than 30 highly trained engineers, naval architects, maritime scientists, software developers, IT/communications professionals and pilots who develop and install new systems, as well as supporting existing systems 24/7.

OMC representatives are on international bodies developing the UKC standards and protocols, including developing new industry guidelines and standards for navigation and channel design.

QUOTE: “OMC’s willingness to listen to their customers and earnestly address concerns as well as seeking innovative solutions to the challenges presented by ports, I believe, has allowed them to grow and develop into an internationally recognised leader in their field.
Captain Lindsay Copeman, Harbour Master, Port Hedland Port Authority (2009)